Monday, March 15, 2010


I'm not knitting much today. I'm trying to get a little Spring Cleaning done. This lovely Spring weather is inspiring me to organize, declutter and clean. I've done a little destashing of yarn recently, and now I'm reorganizing what's left. My acrylics fit in one bin now, instead of three. (I was uneducated on the wonders of natural fibers when I started knitting) I have a lot more cotton than anything else, so I'm going to have to find a way to get that all organized....maybe by color...
I printed off a bunch of pretty sock patterns this morning. My friend Mara was destashing, too, but she had the good stuff. Thanks to my recent destashing, I had the funds to snatch three skeins of her gorgeous hand-dyed merino sock yarn, and it should arrive in the mail later this week or next. So I wanted to have patterns picked and ready by the time the yarns get here.
And since I hate to blog without at least one's what I knitted this past weekend. I used a tiny bit of Malabrigo sock yarn, which I had leftover from Cathie's scarf.

And now Princess's porcelain doll has nice warm feet...and I have a new pattern to write up. One of my friends pointed out that these might fit a micro-preemie, an idea that hadn't occurred to me, but that I like.

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