Friday, April 29, 2011

Lacy KIP Bag

Since I got Princess's shawl done, I decided to hurry up and do the KIP Bag sample and send both together, even though Stacey over at Knit Picks told me that it would probably be a while before she could get it posted.  She only puts up a couple of free patterns per month.  So anyway, here it is!
I'll probably go ahead and post the pattern on my other blog in the meantime.  Since the IDP program lets the designer retain full ownership and control over their patterns, there's no reason not to. ☺
And you might notice from the above picture: I've finally lost a little weight!  Five pounds this week, thanks to the green tea.  I'm going to make some iced green tea also; with the weather warming up, I'm not always in the mood for a hot drink.  And I've been taking Zumba classes, which are a lot of fun.  I'm planning on trying out yoga tomorrow.  We'll see how that goes; I'm not very flexible, and I've never taken a yoga class in my life.

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