Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am frustrated. I decided to make Zokni Socks ( and started the first one yesterday. I finished four repeats of the lace pattern and tried it on. I could barely get it over my heel, and it was uncomfortably snug. So I'm going to frog it and start over, with a larger needle. But I'll have to wait. I don't have a long enough, flexible enough needle in the size I need. I think I'll get a few other sizes while I'm at it. I want to make Bayerische Socks (, for which I'll need a size 0 needle. The smallest size I have is 1.

So.....I guess I'll work on one of my many other projects while I'm waiting. I want to get my Upstream scarf finished, so I can submit the pattern to Knit Picks. Speaking of Knit Picks, I'm hoping to see my Posy Patch pattern on their site next week. I haven't heard from them in over a week, but I know that they are introducing their new colors soon; perhaps next week. I'll definitely post about it when it is published.

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