Monday, July 26, 2010

A Big Blessing!

A friend of mine posted on Facebook yesterday that she had a full-size bed to give away free. I have wanted for a long time to get a new bed for Princess and Kitty, but beds are expensive, and the budget didn't allow for it. So I haven't been able to get one. The girls are fairly destructive, and their daybed was beginning to fall apart. I spoke up quickly and laid claim to the bed before anyone else could.

Here's a picture of their room before we cleaned it up and took out the old bed.
I moved the dresser to the center of the wall where the daybed had been, and put the new bed where the dresser had been. It's just a frame, and boxspring and mattress set. I'm planning on either painting a faux-headboard on the wall above the bed, or making an upholstered one and attaching it to the wall.
I discovered that the bed was actually a queen size, so naturally the full size sheets I had bought for it didn't fit. So the girls slept with an old blanket as their sheet last night. They were so excited that they decided, on their own, to go to bed at 6:30! After they were in bed, I went and exchanged the sheets. I made up the bed with the new sheets this morning. They'll keep using their twin size comforters for now. Queen size comforters are a bit expensive.

Walmart didn't have any bedskirts in the right size and color scheme, so I bought some fabric, and I'm going to make one.

We'll see whether they actually keep their room this clean...

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