Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lovely friends!

Here's a picture from yesterday's BunkerBabe meetup!
That's me, on the left, Skully next to me, IBAmyB next to her, with my daughter Princess in front of her, and Whimzee on the right, hiding behind Amy. Angel was playing photographer, so she's not in the picture. Kitty was hanging out with Daddy, because she tends to go a little wild in yarn stores.

Anyway, we met at a yarn store downtown, and (amazingly) I didn't get lost! I didn't buy any yarn this time. I really wanted to, but I had decided I would only buy yarn if I already had a plan for what to make with it. I'm on a self-imposed(hubby-imposed) yarn diet. I finally got a chance to look through the new Vogue Stitchionary, and came to the decision that I didn't need it after all. I had thought, since it was all about lace, and I love lace, that I would definitely want to buy that book. But when I glanced through it, the designs just didn't jump out at me. But I had fun looking at the books, and feeling yarns. This yarn store was the biggest one I've been to, and they had such a large selection. So many beautiful little time.

It was great to get together with the Bunker Babes. I hadn't met any of them in person before yesterday, but it seemed like we've known each other forever. It's hard to believe that we only "met" online about a year and a half ago. I found the original Bunker right after the election in 2008. We've really grown into a close-knit(pun intended) group since then. We visited, knitted, shopped, and ate. We had a yummy lunch at a little restaurant near the yarn store. The food was terrific!☺

Well, I've got to run now; it's time to go to church. ♥

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