Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I hardly knit anything yesterday. Instead I cleaned and organized. I had projects all over the place, several of which I haven't worked on in ages. So I gathered them all into a least I think this was all of them...
And I began making decisions. First of all, most of these are current projects; I didn't have as many hibernating as I had thought. So of course I'm keeping the current ones. I put each project into its own bag, and put them away.
The pink and purple fun fur blob is a blanket I started over a year ago, and put away because I hate working with fun fur. I didn't know when I started the project that I hate it, or I never would have started it. I can't frog it, because of the way fun fur sticks to itself. And I can't throw it away, because Angel would be heartbroken. She really wants that blanket. So I've decided I'm going to try to get this one knocked out quickly, so that I won't have to wish any longer for it to disappear.
The large blue blob next to the fun fur is one of my Julia Lynne cardigans; it was the largest size, and I knitted it far enough to write the pattern, but didn't ever finish it. The reason why: I discovered that I had two different dyelots, and they really were different. So I decided to frog that one. I still had two skeins I hadn't even started using, so I'm going to attempt to sell them to one of my yarny friends, and throw in the re-wound center-pull balls for free.
The little burgundy blob is a doll dress I started around Christmastime. Since it's just stockinette in the round at this point, I gave it to Angel, along with a crash-course in using double-pointed needles. I think she can handle it.
So that takes care of the hibernating projects...oh, yeah, except for the boring sock. I was going to frog it, because it's so freaking boring to work on, but I tried it on, and I really only have a couple inches to go on it, and it's very comfy and I'm keeping it, and I plan to make it second in priority after the fun fur monstrosity.
Oh, and then there's Surf(the bluish-greenish blob). It's been hibernating for a couple months, so it hardly counts. I need to get that one done, too, since it's a gift. I had intended to give it to my friend with the idea of using it as a swimsuit coverup. By the time it's done, it'll probably be fall, so I think I'll just go back to calling it a shawl for a cool morning walk on the beach.

Oops....I just realized I forgot about the "banana bag" I started for my sister over a year ago and haven't finished....I wonder where that is....

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