Monday, July 19, 2010

Designin' and Knittin'

I sent my Posy Patch pattern to Knit Picks this morning! They still have to make their final decision, but I'm fairly confident....I think. Haha. Anyway, now that I've got that project and pattern finished, I've been working on a few other designs. My Upstream scarf is progressing nicely; it's over 2 feet long.
I was struck by inspiration a few days ago...I wanted to make some laceweight bookmarks. After I had made two of them, and taken a few pictures, I decided I needed two more. You see, when I took the pictures, I just grabbed one of my daughter's classic books, and it happened to be "Little Women." I opened it up to a random page and took the pictures. After I had taken the pictures, I noticed that the characters in the story were knitting on that page. ☺ Some of my friends suggested naming the patterns after the characters in the story, and I decided that there ought to be four of them in that case. So here are my four bookmarks...

From top to bottom: Amy, Beth, Jo and Meg. I wrote down the patterns for all four, and made it one pattern for the whole set. This pattern is on its way to Knit Picks also. I hope they like it!

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