Friday, July 9, 2010

Finishing and Starting

I finished my Posy Patch blanket I was making as a sample to send to Knit Picks! It's blocking on the floor in my family room at this moment. I took a couple pictures, but I can't post them. Sorry about that. I've got the pattern almost ready; just need to get some good pictures with the blanket; I'm going to try taking it out into my back yard and see if I can get any good shots out there. But right now it's too humid; everything is wet. Maybe this afternoon or evening, if the sunshine finally dries everything out. It's been raining off and on, pretty much every day for the past two weeks. And not getting enough sunshine in between showers to dry. So everything is really soggy.
To make up for not being able to post pictures of my finished blanket, here's a picture of my newest project.
I started this one last night. I know, I have a gazillion projects on my needles, but after the marathon knitting sessions I've had to get the previously-mentioned blanket done, I wanted something new to work on. I tried to distract myself from that urge by working on Angel's shawl, but it was excruciating. From now on, I'm going to listen to my urges, because if I had, my new project would be further-along, and I could focus better on that shawl...or the cabled scarf that's on the table in front of me...or the shawl that's in a bag across the room from me...or the white lace that's in another bag a few feet away from me...Oh, sorry...focus issues, like I said.
Anyway, this new project is also going to be a baby blanket, but with a different design. As you can see, I started it in the center, and it will have four identical triangular panels making up the square. It's going to be "diamond lace all over", and should be a simple, mindless knit. I almost didn't have to think at all while I made up the chart for this one. ;) The great thing about knitting a square in-the-round is that I don't ever have to purl! Well, until I reach the border anyway. I haven't thought that far ahead yet. I'm just going to let the yarn tell me what to do with it. It's Paton's Bamboo Baby(luxurious, silky-soft bamboo/acrylic), and I have the colorway you see in the picture, and a solid light peachy-pink to go with it. I'm planning on doing stripes with the two yarns. I found the yarn on clearance, and I just bought up all they had, so I have to make it work somehow. I hope it's enough for a decent-sized baby blanket. If it doesn't appear to be, I suppose I could go look for some other coordinating color in the same type of yarn....

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