Friday, July 23, 2010

Disappointment, and Excitement

Well...Knit Picks is not interested in my bookmarks. Oh, well. It's most likely because a little tiny project like that won't sell much yarn. I think I might just self-publish this one, like I've done with my other patterns so far. Bookmarks are a great stash-buster.

I get to meet some of my best friends in the world tomorrow! I'm so excited. I'm sure Casey had no idea when he kicked us out of his little kingdom, that we'd grow closer together and not miss him. ☺ Yes, that's right, I'm having a meetup with some BunkerBabes. I've only met one so far, and none of the ones who live in the same city as I do. So I am, naturally, ecstatic. I'll try to get a few good pictures to post here.

Ravelry? WE don't need no stinkin' Ravelry! Haha!

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