Friday, August 27, 2010

Busy busy busy

I'm sorry I haven't posted in several days. I haven't done much knitting. I've been working. My neighbors are having a covered patio/deck built, and I've been helping with the construction this week. Most of the framing was done last week, but I got to help with framing the overhang part of the roof. And yesterday we got that finished. We were going to start putting on the plywood for the first part of the roof, but that didn't happen. It was late afternoon, and Kerry and I were up on the roof, and he said to me, "Whatever you do, don't step here," pointing to the upper side of the drywall that was the kitchen ceiling. I said ok, and took two steps. My left foot slipped, and went precisely where Kerry said for it to not go. So there I was, with one foot hanging down into the kitchen, and the other leg caught on the rafter, swearing a blue streak(just kidding about that last part; I only swore a couple of times). Fortunately, Kerry wasn't mad at me, and neither were the neighbors, but boy, did I feel stupid. Here's how it looked early this morning...
It looks even worse now; very colorful. And it hurts like h-e-doublehockeysticks. I can't walk too well, so naturally I'm not helping with construction today. I had planned on still going out there, and picking up scraps of lumber and such, but even that would hurt. We'll see how it feels tomorrow.
I am looking on the bright side, though, despite the pain and embarrassment. Considering how tired I was by the time this happened(and how clumsy I am by nature), I was likely to fall at some point. And about four steps later, I would have been eight feet over the concrete patio, instead of inches over the kitchen ceiling. Drywall is much more forgiving than concrete.
And so, back to knitting. I need to make some squares for some baby blankets...
(Disclaimer: I am not in the habit of posting pictures of my legs on the internet.)

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