Saturday, August 21, 2010

Case in point...

Remember what I said about startitis yesterday? I hadn't even thought of this project yet when I wrote that. Yesterday morning, my friend Susie announced that she had a new niece. Baby Juliet was born yesterday, more than three months early. She is in a level 3 NICU, and will probably be there for a long while. Susie showed us pictures of little Juliet; she was wearing her dad's wedding ring as a bangle bracelet. Her total length is less than the width of my laptop computer. The little tiny hats the hospital has are too big for her. That was the inspiration for this project. I asked Susie for Juliet's head measurement, and knitted her a lacy little hat, using "I Love This Cotton" yarn.
This hat is about 9.5 inches in circumference, and five inches from brim to crown. It's a very simple design; even the lacy butterflies are easy to make. I'm writing up the pattern, and I plan on offering it for free on my pattern blog, because it is so simple.
I would like to ask that you pray for Juliet, if you are so inclined. From what Susie has told me, she is doing well, for such a tiny baby. But she has a long hospital stay ahead of her.

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