Friday, August 20, 2010


I have a bad case of startitis. I have lots of WIPs(works in progress), and a few UFOs(unfinished objects), and still I want to start more projects.
I found some creamy-beige bamboo crochet thread on clearance at Walmart yesterday. It's basically the same thing as laceweight yarn, except it's more tightly-spun. Each ball was 300 yards, for $3. I bought five, so that's 1500 yards; should be enough for a nice-sized shawl. I'm not even searching shawl patterns; I'm browsing stitch dictionaries instead, in search of the perfect lace pattern.
I started a table runner in bulky Wool-Ease yarn; after working with laceweight yarns, I feel like I'm knitting rope with broomsticks. I don't often use bulky yarns; they make my hands ache. This yarn(two huge skeins each of burgundy, cream and navy) was given to me by a friend who decided she didn't have time to learn to knit after all. So I knitted a square, in-the-round, using the navy yarn, then started burgundy and cream stripes coming out from one side. There will be matching stripes on the opposite side as well. When it's all knitted, I'm going to embroider cream stars on the blue square. I'm planning on giving the table runner to the friend who gave me the yarn. Her husband and mine went to West Point together, and served in the Army for several years, so I'm fairly certain they'll like it.
I haven't done much work on my Fairy Bubbles sock; I need to frog or tink back a few rows, and put in increases at the top of the heel, and I hate tinking and don't really want to frog lace. I should do some work on the baby blanket I started a while back; it's a simple design, and doesn't take much concentration. I haven't touched my white lace in a long time, or my Surf shawl, or the fun fur blanket I'm making for Angel, or the bright orange Cathie scarf, or my Upstream scarf. I should work on Upstream and get it done so I can submit the design proposal to Knit Picks. I did submit another design a few days ago; the lace fingerless mitts I designed last summer...but I haven't heard back yet whether they want it. I've been working a lot on the Waltz scarf for the KAL/Swap that I'm doing with my friends. I'm nearly done with it.
And Princess keeps asking me to teach her to knit. I feel guilty that I haven't done it yet. I love the idea of knitting with my girls, but Princess's attention span is still very short, and she gets frustrated quickly. But today I got a kids' knitting book at the library; maybe it'll help me. I also need to teach Angel to purl; it would open up a whole new world of possibilities for her knitting. I tried a while back to teach her, but she gave up on it, and went back to just garter stitch. Perhaps later, after our history lesson....

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