Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Before and After.

As promised, here are the first pictures of my latest projects. I forgot to take "before" pictures before we cleaned up the former playroom, so here it is, cleaned up and prepped for paint. It was lavender before.

I painted the room a nice medium blue. This next picture shows my new reading corner in the new studio. I haven't got a chair yet, but it will go right there in the lower right corner of the picture. And I still have a lot of books to put on the shelves. I also hung a few inspirational pictures on the walls this afternoon, after I had already taken the pictures.

Here is the enormous desk that was in the smaller room before. Yes, that is a standard-size computer desk chair. This desk is about 6 feet long on the tall side of it. The part that is at a right-angle to that is even longer. I'm glad I took this picture right after we moved the desk, because at this moment it is surrounded and covered with office supplies and sewing supplies. I'm still in the process of organizing all of it. I made a lot of progress today.
Coming up tomorrow...before and after pictures of the new playroom. It's purple!

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