Friday, May 22, 2009

Designing a pattern...

I am neck-deep in designing a pattern, which I intend to submit for publication. I have to keep it mostly secret for now, but I just have to share my excitement. And my exhaustion. I've designed several projects before, but none that I wanted to submit anywhere.

With this one, I was inspired by the yarn, which is unusual for me. I usually come up with an idea, then find a yarn to go with the idea. I saw this gorgeous yarn, at Walmart of all places, and knew I had to use it. I'm not generally a big fan of acrylics, but this one is so pretty. It's a Vanna's Choice Print yarn. It's variegated, but not in the same way most variegated yarns are. It's two colors, a dark pink on one side, and a lighter pink on the other side. So it knits up like double stranded yarn. The variegation is very subtle. It makes a lovely knitted fabric.

So I saw this beautiful yarn, and knew that it would be perfect for a garment for a little girl. Since it's acrylic, it's washable; a very important consideration for kids' clothes. And I've already said I love the way it looks knitted up. I'm not telling yet what type of garment I'm designing, but suffice it to say: it will include ruffles and lace, and it will be sized from 2 to 10, for girls.

I've spent the last couple of days swatching and calculating, and calculating some more. And I have to keep meticulous track of every stitch, so that it can be translated into a marketable pattern. I'm about halfway done with knitting my first sample, which will be just the perfect size for my youngest daughter this fall. After I finish hers, I'll recalculate for the next size, and the size after that, and the size after that. And the size after that. Fortunately, three of the sizes will fit my girls this fall; I may simply knit and save the other two sizes for when they will eventually fit someone. Or I may ask for test knitters. Actually, I'll probably ask for test knitters anyway, just to check my arithmetic; it is just basic multiplication and percentages, but still, a double-check is always good. I am very glad I have so many friends online who knit; I'm sure I'll have no trouble finding people who would like to try out my pattern in advance of its publication. It will be published, either by the online magazine I'll be submitting it to, or by myself here on my blog.

Anyway, I am exhausted from all this calculating, and knitting. My left wrist is sore; I need to take a little break from the knitting. So I'm going to a movie this evening with Hubby. We're going to see "Terminator: Salvation". I'm going to just turn off my brain for a little while and enjoy the movie. Note to self: don't forget the earplugs. Movies are so loud they hurt my ears, especially my favorite type of movies: action. I have hearing damage from shooting without ear protection last fall. I learned my lesson quick, let me tell you!

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  1. ::Raises hand:: I'll test knit when you're ready. ;) Not that I have any little ones to knit for, but when I do....


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