Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting ready to do a few projects at home...

We currently have a very large, very open, very very messy playroom. We also have a very small, cramped home office/schoolroom; we call it the "Studio". And in the studio, we have an enormous desk; it literally takes up the entire room. So we are going to switch the two rooms. The huge desk is going in the big room, and the kids toys are going to be pared down and organized and put into the smaller room. I actually had this idea a long time ago, but never mentioned it because the desk is huge and heavy, and a real pain to take apart and put together. I figured it would never happen, so I just put the idea out of my head. The other day, Hubby had the same idea. And since it was his idea, it will happen. I'm moving forward on it quickly, before he changes his mind.
So I'm picking out paint colors. Might as well paint the rooms since we're moving furniture anyway. I'm a little tired of the lavender that is in the current playroom/future studio. So that room will get painted a lovely light blue, and will have navy blue accents. That way, it will be obvious to the girls that it's not their playroom anymore. I'm thinking the current studio/future playroom will go pink, but they might insist on lavender again. We'll see. I'm taking all three girls with me to the store today to get the paint, so they'll have at least some input regarding their playroom color. I should also go ahead and get paint for Princess and Dolly's room; it's still green from when Angel and Princess shared it. And Princess has informed me that she does NOT like green. So that room will go light purple, with dark purple accents. Princess would like it to be all dark purple, but I've vetoed that idea; I don't want it to look like a cave. I'll try to remember to get some before/after pictures taken and posted.

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