Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another step closer!

Today I rented a tiller from Home Depot, and tilled up the ground where I'm going to build my garden.  Wow, that was a lot of work.  My back and arms are really sore.  But the ground is broken up and ready for the garden boxes and good soil. ☺ I'm exhausted, but hopefully I'll be able to find the energy for knit night.☺

I've almost finished the body of my cardi!  I still need to finish up the garter stitch border and bind off, then do the crochet edging.  I think I'll bring along another project to knit night, so I can work on something else after I finish that.

I lost a friend yesterday.  Her name was Amy.  She had been in the hospital for the past week and a half, due to complications from influenza A and B.  Her heart, lungs and kidneys stopped functioning.  She was hooked up to several machines that were doing the work for those organs, so her body could fight off the infection.  And she was improving.  But yesterday she had a massive stroke, and died.  She left behind a loving husband and four young children.  Please be praying for her family as they deal with this great loss.

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