Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm working on creating a garden.  On Sunday I boarded up the holes at the bottom of the fence, so the garden soil doesn't fall out into the pasture.  Yesterday I dug up the irises that were in the way and transplanted them to the front yard.
Would you believe all those plants were squished into about 4 square feet?  Now they've got plenty of room to grow.  I also planted some other bulbs (daffodil and gladiolus) in around the irises, so we should have lots of pretty flowers in that area.  I just hope I didn't plant the bulbs too late; Spring has already arrived.

I started some seeds on Saturday, for planting in my garden once it's ready.  Left to right, I have lavender, cucumbers, pumpkins, cantaloupe, corn and beans.  I love these little Jiffy "greenhouses"; things sprout so quickly in them!

 Look!  I have corn and beans sprouting already, three days after planting!
I went and bought another "greenhouse" to start my tomato seeds, and some Texas Bluebonnets.

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