Saturday, February 5, 2011

Check out my girls' new bathroom!

I just finished re-decorating my daughters' bathroom!  We went with a butterfly theme, because the only fabric they all liked was green and white gingham with butterflies on it.  I used the fabric to make the shower curtain, and drew inspiration from it for the rest of the room.
I painted the walls with a slightly lighter green than what's in the fabric, and stenciled butterflies(and a few dragonflies just for fun) all over the walls, using the colors of the butterflies in the fabric. 
Here's the view in the mirror.
 I found the towel hooks at Hobby Lobby, and let the girls each pick a color from the fabric for their bath towels.  Angel picked dark purple, Princess chose medium blue and Kitty picked bright pink.  I picked the yellow for the hand towels and the green for the bath rug(you can see the rug and a glimpse of the new tile floor in the first picture).
The butterflies hanging from the shower curtain were found in the Christmas ornament aisle at Walmart a few months ago.

I'm really pleased with how the room turned out, and the girls love it.  I just hope they keep it clean and neat.

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