Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm still here!

Hi there!  I realize I haven't blogged in almost a week.  I've been busy, and haven't had time.  First, since all I talked about last week was the kitchen, yes, Hubby liked it. We didn't get a chance to talk about the cabinets, though, since he was only home for two days, and then off to London.
While he was here, on Saturday we went to a ball.  It was a West Point Founders Day ball, which I always enjoy.  The first one I went to was eleven years ago, when we were engaged.  Now, here we are, old married couple...
I wore the Waltz shawl that Sandra made for me, and it came in very handy, as it was a chilly evening.  I got a lot of compliments on it.
Okay, on to what else has kept me busy!  I finished this pair of socks yesterday morning.  I had started them a while back, and last week I got the first one out and realized I was ready for the toe decreases, so I might as well finish it...and when I finished it, I thought I had better go ahead and start the second one, even though I've never caught Second Sock Syndrome.  And then, after I'd finished the ribbing and started on the heart lace pattern, I volunteered to test-knit a sock pattern for my friend Sieglinde....and then realized that the needle I wanted to use was in my second heart sock.  So I zoomed through the second sock, getting it done in one week!  And here they are!
I think, since I finished the second sock in a week, this counts for my Socks In A Month KAL.  But just in case anyone disagrees, I'm still knitting socks.  I started on Sieglinde's sock immediately after finishing the second heart sock, and just over twelve hours later, I had turned the heel.  I would have gotten farther on it, but I kept getting distracted, by lunch, by dinner, and by this:
That's right, it's a crochet project!  And I'm not a crocheter.  Not that it would be a bad thing if I were; I just prefer to knit.  But I couldn't resist this pattern!  It was designed by my friend Michelle, and is available on Knit Picks: http://www.knitpicks.com/patterns/Diamond_Exchange_Crochet_Scarf___D10886220.html  Isn't it a gorgeous design?  And it's simple enough for a beginner like me to do!  I'm using some lovely sock yarn that was dyed by my friend Mara(the blue/green tonal) and a Paton's yarn to go with it.  All three of my girls were begging me yesterday to make it for them.  I think I will, but I won't tell them.  I'll make three, in different color schemes and set them aside for Christmas presents, because by the time Christmas gets here, they'll have forgotten about them.
And just for fun, here's something I made a while back, and forgot to post a picture.
I made this sock for a swap spoilee who likes to knit socks.  I think every sock knitter should have a sock blocker keychain. ☺ I still need to make a sock for mine...

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  1. those Heart Socks are pretty! And you look so elegant all dressed up. You and your hubs are a good-looking couple. (And thanks for volunteering to test knit for me!)


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