Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Julia Lynne is on her way!

I sent the sample and pattern off yesterday.  Hooray!  So now it's time to turn my attention to the next design proposal....and future designs! 

Having celebrated yesterday the second anniversary of being banned from a knitting site, I find myself wanting to design something with a Bunker theme.  I want to celebrate the wonderful family of crafters that I'm fortunate to be part of.  We're a tightly-knit group(pun intended)...with different personalities...some are skilled at being vague...some are crazy and tons of fun...some are quiet...some are full of advice...all are creative...so I'm thinking whatever it is should have lots of different stitch patterns.  Some cables, some lace, some texture...maybe some colorwork?  It should definitely be Bunker Blue.  Sorry, just thinking out loud...or thinking with my fingers...or something like that. ☺

Here's a question for my readers...What inspires you?  What does your design process look like?  Do you start with a theme and then come up with a project that describes it?  Do you begin with a stitch pattern and then decide what sort of project would showcase it?  Or do you start with a garment idea, then flesh out the idea with stitch patterns?  To answer my own question, I do all of the above.  For Julia Lynne, I started with "I want to make a little girls' cardigan with lace and ruffles".  For Laura, I started with "I want to encourage Laura".  For Frost, I started with "I love this stitch pattern".  So tell me, how do you design?  Really, I'm curious!

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  1. I don't have nearly the ideas you do, but my first design started with a theme which I developed with a name, color and stitch patterns. The next one, which is already living in my head, began with a vague idea and a name (but it will also incorporate a theme). I love symbolism and hope to eventually have a portfolio of designs, each of which with its own story.


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