Friday, March 11, 2011

Julia Lynne is done!

I finished my Julia Lynne cardigan last night!  I blocked it overnight.  And this morning, we had a very successful photo shoot.  I took the girls to the park, and told Angel and Princess to go play while I took pics of Kitty.  Poor Kitty, she just wanted to play too, but she had to wait until I had enough pictures.  Here are a few of them...
It's a gorgeous day, so it was perfect for photos and playing at the park.  Some of the pictures came out a little shady, so I brightened them up, except for the one on the monkey bars.  That one was bright enough, and it would have been my favorite if not for the shadow across the sweater.  I like the bike one also, but the grass in the background turned out so bright it almost hurts my eyes!

After polling my friends, I decided to use the one on the swing as the main pattern pic, and include the one in the tree as well.  I'll send all of the pictures along with the pattern to Knit Picks, and they can use all of them on the website. I really hope they like my photos, because I'm partial to having my own girls model for my patterns.

And now I'm back to planning for my next pattern!  I'm trying to decide between my Frost Cowl and my Crown Jewels Shawl.  I'm leaning toward the shawl, since winter is practically over.  I'll probably hold onto Frost until fall.

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