Saturday, March 26, 2011


 I didn't get very far on the second sock yesterday....
because some more lovely blue yarn showed up in my mailbox!
I'm making another Evellyn Anne blanket with some yarn from Mara.  I am in love with her yarn.  I started this last night while we watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and I've just switched from the dpns to the circular, which makes me very happy.  Dpns are a pain in the tush, so I rarely use them, but I had to, to get this project started.  I'm zooming right along now!  And it's a good thing I am; I should be getting the yarn support for Crown Jewels next week sometime.  I'm going to keep the focus on this project, though, since I committed to it first. ☺ My goal is to get it about 1/4 done today, which would be 91 diamonds...somewhere between 6 and 7 repeats...I'll shoot for seven.  Three down, four to go!  I better get to it!

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