Monday, May 23, 2011

Another design...

I've just sent off the design proposal for this scarf.  It matches the "Girl's Best Friend" fingerless mitts pattern that is on Knit Picks.  I actually designed the scarf at the same time, but I had forgotten about it.
I hope they like it!
For this one, I used some lovely, soft Reflections yarn.  It turned out a little short, since I had only one skein, but it will be a nice Christmas gift for someone.  In the design proposal, I suggested KP Swish Tonal, which is a new yarn line they've just introduced.  There are some terrific colors in their new tonals.  Thunderhead and Pearlescent are my favorites; if I were any good at colorwork, I would design something that uses both of those colors. ☺
I'm still waiting for my little sister to send me photos of her modeling the bag I made for her, so I can send off that design proposal.  I'm going to hang on to my Frost Cowl design until fall; I haven't finished it yet anyway.  I'm ready to send in the proposal for Kitty's socks, which have earned the moniker "Girls Just Want To Have Fun".  I'm still working on Princess's "Sweetheart Socks", and I haven't started yet on Angel's socks; I still need to decide on a lace pattern for them.
Back to knitting!

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