Monday, May 2, 2011

Craptastic day.

Hubby's truck was stolen today.  He went to the gym at lunch time, and left his keys, wallet, wedding ring, West Point class ring, and watch in his truck.  When he came out, it was gone.  And so began my craptastic day.

While Hubby dealt with the police and went back to work...
I called the bank and canceled the credit card and debit card he carried in his wallet.
I called the insurance company to get a claim started and find out about getting a rental car.
I went to Home Depot...twice, because I got the wrong thing the first get a new deadbolt for the front door, since the dirtbag got Hubby's driver's license and thereby our address, and the house key was in the truck.
I reprogrammed the garage door opener, since the remote was in the truck.
I got the deadbolt installed, which was very easy to do, thankfully.

Keeping my pistol with me the whole time.

And I made lasagne, to make the day end on a good note.  I hope it works.

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