Thursday, May 26, 2011


I came up with an idea for Angel's socks!  Here's the "rough draft" swatch.  I've edited the design a bit since making it...
In case you can't tell, it's a hibiscus.  The yarn I bought for her socks is a green and brown colorway called "Aloha Multi", so that was the inspiration.  I just might call them "Aloha Socks". The editing involved shortening the top and bottom petals, and widening the other three, and shortening the...stamen(?)...and once I had it how I liked it, making a mirror-image to go with it.  It's a very long chart; 84 rows.  But Angel loves it, so it's a winner!  In fact, I like it pretty well myself, so I'm considering making an adult size in the pattern as well.  All I would have to do is add stitches on the sides.
I sent off the design proposal for Kitty's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Socks yesterday, so now I'm waiting to hear about two proposals. ☺

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