Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crown Jewels is up!

My latest pattern is up on Knit Picks!  Here's a pic to remind you what it looks like...
 Crown Jewels Shawl can be found here:
And today I got tired of the "Mommy Gives Up" look, so I went and got a haircut.
I finally have a style again! ☺ The girls all got their hair trimmed too.  We went to the salon at Walmart, because the guy we "usually" (once or twice a year) go to is out of the country.  I think I'll stick with the Walmart salon.  It was quick, and relatively painless when it came time to pay.  The stylist gave me exactly what I asked for; long layers, without taking too much length off.  And all the damaged hair from when I used to dye it is gone! Finally.  It took about two years to grow it all out.

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