Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Soft, beautiful yarns...

I got yarns in the mail!!  Woot!
Knit Picks announced last week that they were having a sale on selected sock yarns.  I had been waiting for this!  I wanted to get some yarns to make socks for me and the girls, and I really like Stroll.  So I went and looked...and found that all the colors I really wanted were in the sale list!  The red (Gypsy Tonal) is for me, the green and brown (Aloha Multi, which actually looked turquoise and brown on the website) is for Angel, the darker purple (Berry Patch Hand Painted) is for Princess, and the lighter purple (Dolly Hand Painted) is for Kitty.  I did a little swatching(with scrap yarn) last night, and came up with a plan for Princess's socks.  Now I just need to swatch with sock yarn to figure out the needle size I need to use.  But first I need to finish the second Winding Road Sock.  I'm just a few repeats from being done. ☺
I've started doing yoga, in the hopes that it will make my back better.  Yesterday Princess was doing it with me.  I thought the video was over and put away all my equipment, and she said, "Oh, look, mommy, there's more!"  so I left it on for her to do.  And she looked so cute, I just had to take a picture.
Please excuse the mess in the background.  We were doing laundry two days ago, and some of the stuff didn't get put away.  And now it's time to do laundry again, so why bother?  Haha.  Ow.  I shouldn't laugh.  Or try to move.  My back went out again while I was sleeping.  It hurts.

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