Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cleaning and schoolwork and exercise, oh my!

I've been reorganizing(as mentioned yesterday).  My house has been effectively de-Christmas-ed.  All of the decorations are in the attic...oops, just remembered the third tree is still in the library.  I'll have to find the box and get that put away today.  I switched the placement of a few pictures on the walls, putting Hubby's military stuff like his Cadet sabre from West Point in the front room.  The sabre now hangs prominently over the bar, and the pretty lighthouse picture that had been there is now above the mantel in the family room, which makes a lot more sense, if you ask me.  My front room/bar room/dining room is nice and clean, for the most part.  I haven't checked it this morning to see if the girls have messed it up, so I could be wrong.  Haha.

The kids are doing schoolwork...Princess is doing handwriting, and Angel just finished hers.  Kitty is playing with her Leapster that Grandpa Claus gave her for Christmas, learning about shapes.  I'm doing laundry.  Fun fun.

I went to the gym and worked my legs, then did 20 minutes on the bike and 10 on the stair-stepper.  I'm planning on trying Zumba tomorrow!

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