Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knitting and exercising and organizing, oh my!

I made some progress on Evellyn Anne yesterday.  I'm on the twelfth repeat of the lace pattern, of fourteen.  And after that, the ruffle.  I might be able to get it done by the end of the week, which would be nice.  I want to get it blocked before I go visit family in Kansas; my parents have almost no carpet in their house, so I wouldn't be able to block it there very easily.  And I want to have my little niece Evie be my model for the pattern pictures, since the pattern is named after her.
I went to the gym this morning and worked my back.  Did 20 minutes on the bike and 15 on the stair-stepper.  It was a good workout.
Today we're starting to get the Christmas decorations put away; Hubby's dad just left a little while ago, so now we can access the attic where the boxes are stored.  I'll be glad to get it all put away; I'm ready to get on with the new year!

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