Sunday, December 12, 2010

Football and Movies

Yesterday was the Army/Navy football game.  Since Hubby went to West Point, that game is bigger than the Superbowl for us.  Well, to be honest,  I still don't care all that much, since it is football.  But I do make an effort to watch at least part of it.  This year I only caught the first half.  And not really even the whole first half; we missed the cadets marching onto the field, and the National Anthem, and the kickoff, and the first 3 points...and I left the party before halftime.  But that was fine with me.  I didn't want to go to the party in the first place; I only went to keep peace between Hubby and me.  Army lost, again.  I think the last time they won was in 2003.

Anyway, the reason I left early is that I had promised months ago to take Angel and Princess to see "Voyage of the Dawn Treader", the new Narnia movie.  The original plan was to go on Princess's birthday, since that was the opening day for the movie, but Hubby reminded me that he would be at work on Friday, and of course we couldn't just leave Kitty at home alone, so we changed our plan and went yesterday.  Despite having to drive almost an hour from the party to the theater, through crazy traffic, it worked out fine.  Princess was particularly excited, because it was her first time to go to a theater.  Angel has only been once before, to see "Prince Caspian", when she was Princess's age.

The movie was good, better than I had expected it to be.  Actually, I was a little concerned last week, when I heard about some stupid comment that Liam Neeson(the voice of Aslan, who is basically God) made about Who Aslan is supposed to be.  Fortunately, his comment wasn't part of the movie itself, just something he said in an interview somewhere.  It was perfectly clear to me Who and What Aslan represented in the movie.  Anyway, enough about the stupid actor; back to the movie.  It was scarier than I'd expected(both girls were snuggled up to me, putting fingermarks on my arms), and the White Witch kept reappearing(she was in "Prince Caspian" at one point too) which she didn't do in the books, as far as I recall.  Other than that, I don't remember any huge, glaring "artistic license" moments in the movie, of which I'm glad.  I grew up reading and rereading the Narnia books, and I still love them, so I'd hate to see the general storylines or messages messed up by hollyweird.  I am glad it'll be months before it's out on DVD, because I think it's too scary for Kitty at this point.  In a year, though, it should be alright.

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