Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A great workout

Went to the gym this morning(as usual, haha).  Worked my legs, abs and back.  Then did 20 minutes(7 miles!) on the bike.  I didn't use the heart rate sensors, so it didn't adjust on me this time.  After that, I had a little energy left over, so I did 10 minutes(almost a mile) on the elliptical.  I had to talk myself through the last couple of minutes, but I made it. ☺

Aside from my energy level and stamina, I haven't seen any major changes.  I haven't lost any weight, because I'm building muscle, and muscle is heavier than fat.  My hips and thighs have shrunk a little, but not much.  I'll wait to take an "in progress" picture until I can see more of a change.  Maybe by New Years Day; that'll be three weeks of working out every day.  Which reminds me I need to ask if the gym will be open on Christmas Day; I know the Kids Club will be closed, but I can leave the kids home with Hubby and his dad if the gym will be open.  If it won't, I'll just do some exercises at home, and go for a walk in the neighborhood.

I'm off to clean house some more; Hubby's dad's plane out of North Dakota was delayed, and he missed his connecting flight by five minutes, so spent the night in Colorado.  He should be here tonight.  I'm glad, because it gives me a little more time to finish cleaning.

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