Monday, December 6, 2010

I had a birthday!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday.  And aside from being hungover from my party on Saturday night, it was a good birthday.  On Saturday, we had a little cookout party in the backyard.  Hubby sent me to the store for a few last-minute things, and I didn't realize he did it for a reason.  Haha...I hurried to the closest store, got just what I needed, and hurried home....and caught him and the kids and the neighbors decorating the back yard!  There were streamers and balloons and confetti, and a very cool Happy Birthday banner, with the background of the banner being a pic of my Posy Patch blanket!  Hubby had bought me some beautiful, enormous wine glasses...I'm pretty sure you could fit a whole bottle of wine in one...and a couple bottles of cabernet, which is my favorite wine.  The neighbors gave me a cool ceramic wine mug that says on one side "Mommy needs wine" and on the other side "This is the only whine Mommy likes".  Hmmm...sensing a trend here...maybe I drink too much

Anyway, we stayed up late and partied the night away, then had to get up early for church yesterday, since we were scheduled to work in the nursery for the early service. (What in the world were we thinking?!)  We weren't feeling too terrific, so we didn't stay for the service afterward.  I'll look on our church's website for video of the sermon later today.  Anyway, we got home from church, and the kids gave me their presents: two books "America By Heart" by Sarah Palin and "Decision Points" by George W. Bush, two boxes of chocolates(which they've already helped me sample), and Hubby gave me some jewelry he had bought from my sister(she's a Premier Designs jeweler).  Great gifts, all of them. ☺ I took a nice long nap in the afternoon, which helped with the hangover. 

I've already started reading Sarah's book.  I really admire her.  I think if we knew each other personally, we'd be friends; we have a lot in common.  I'd love to be able to vote for her someday. ☺Which would drive my father-in-law batty. Haha.

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday - you deserve it!

    We listened to the first few chapters of W's book on the way home from South Bend. It's fabulous! I'm waiting till next paycheck to get Sarah's on my e-reader.


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