Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Despite a dubious start, it's turning out to be a good Christmas at the Knitter house.  The turkey was delicious, the potatoes were absolutely wonderful(I'll be making them with Lactaid milk from now on!), and the kids were so stuffed that they didn't even think to ask about dessert.  Which I forgot to make.  Oops.

This has been a very disorganized season for me.  Angel's Christmas tree is still completely bare, because she was waiting for me to put the lights on.  Kinda moot at this point.  At this moment, the girls and I are watching Return of the Jedi on tv.  Hubby is skype-ing with his aunt, and Hubby's dad is, presumably, taking a nap.  A little while ago, Angel was "teaching Princess to sew".  They made a bookmark out of flannel, which was promptly given to Mommy.  It's terrific for a first project without grownup help! 

Angel is very excited about her gift from "Grandpa Claus"...a real sewing machine!  Tomorrow or the next day, we'll find some time to get it set up and figure out how it works.  I handed her the manual and told her to read through it, so she'll know, at least intellectually, how to use it.  Princess's old bike was officially too small for her, so "Grandpa Claus" got her a brand new one, without training wheels!  Kitty's gift from "Grandpa Claus" is a Leapster, which we will figure out tomorrow or the next day.  But her favorite gift was a little stuffed kitty that I picked up at Hobby Lobby as a gift "from daddy".  All three girls got lightsabers "from Uncle J" and they all agree they're their second-favorite gifts.  Santa filled the stockings with candy, so I'm predicting a few days of wired kids.  Hubby got me some Black Hills Gold earrings(which he kept secret since September!), and his dad got me the art I've been eyeing for months!  As soon as I can borrow a tall ladder from my neighbors, I'll have prints of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution gracing my front entry!  I did get a little yarny goodness, and I can hardly wait to cast on, but I need to finish a few projects first.

No workout today, as the gym is closed for the Holiday.  I was planning on going for a walk, but I'm still in my jammies at 4pm, so I'm not sure that's going to happen.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!  I hope you are having a happy holiday, and your stress level is low.

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