Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good news two weeks in a row!

I just realized I mentioned having sent the scarves and patterns to Knit Picks, but not the fact that they did decide to publish them!  So far, they've published all of my designs that they liked enough to have me make samples, but I still can't help thinking maybe they'd decide not to after seeing the sample.  Guess I'm just a paranoid-type of person.  Anyway, they said they will publish them, but it might be a week or two; they've got a lot of patterns in the works right now.  That was last week.  So they might publish them tomorrow, or next Thursday.  Either way works for me!

I sent the design proposal last week for my Evellyn Anne blanket, and got the response yesterday: they're interested in it!  So I'll be getting some yarn support in the mail, and then I can start on it.  I suggested Swish DK, in any of three nice pastels: a light yellow, a springy green and a lovely lavender.  I can hardly wait to see which color they choose!

And one of my dear friends is going to have a pattern published as well!  I am very excited for her!  It's a great design, and I'm so glad Knit Picks thinks so too!  I need to get back to work on that test-knit for her! ☺

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  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy you're finding so much success with KP! Very cool!


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