Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What a fun day!

We went to Galveston today, to visit Moody Gardens with Hubby's dad.  We had a great time!  I made some progress on "Evellyn Anne" during the drive...
 One of the really fun activities we got to do was go ice skating!  I haven't been ice skating in years, so I was pretty excited about it.  I didn't get to go to the gym today since we headed out early, so I decided to count ice skating as my exercise for the day.  And believe me, it's good exercise!  My legs, back and backside are pretty sore, but that could also be partly due to my HUGE wipeout... I was skating pretty fast, and came around a curve, and didn't get my feet under myself quickly enough.  All 170 pounds of me went down HARD on the ice.  I'm gonna have a heckuva bruise on my backside, which nobody but hubby and I will ever see, but I survived the shock to my bum and the hit to my pride and got back up and skated for quite a while longer.  The girls fell several times as well, but not as spectacularly as I did.  

Angel had only ever gone ice skating once before, but had lots of practice with her rollerblades, so she did really well.  She skated all around the rink by herself the whole time!  She kept her balance fairly well, and had a lot of fun!
 I spent most of my time helping Princess.  It was her first time ever, and she did awesome!  She was scared at first; hubby took her around a few times and let her basically hang on his arm and make him do the work.  I refused to do that with her.  I held her hand but told her she had to push with her own feet.  Within twenty minutes, she was skating by herself!  She wasn't too graceful, but she refused to give up.  I'm so proud of her.
 The above can serve as my "two-and-a-half-weeks-exercising in-progress" picture.  I have a lot more stamina and range of motion than I did three weeks ago, and my thighs and butt aren't quite as chunky.  Can you believe that tall girl is my little Princess?

Here's a shot of the beach as we drove past...
 The waves were pretty wild.  It was rainy and windy, but we saw several crazy people out there surfing!  In December!

Here's a pic from the Aquarium at Moody girls in a shark cage!

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  1. I need to get one of these for my kids! Just kidding. Looks like a very fun day!


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